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China International Finance ———

  • Finance Director – Trade Group (base in Ningbo)

    Job Responsibilities:

    1、Assist General Manger to develop financial plan, pay timely attention to external dynamic capital market, provide information support with corporate strategic decision-making.

    2、Organize the trade group’s financial budget, budgeting planning, cost planning and profit planning, review and correct financial budget and monitor the implementation of the budget.

    3、Responsible for the trade group’s financial statements, financial settlement and tax planning, etc.

    4、Responsible for trade financing for the group.

    5、Responsible for the group's financial supervision and management.


    Job Requirements:

    1、Bachelor degree or above in Finance or Accounting.

    2、At least 3 years of finance management experience in financial company or large company, proficient in accounting management, consolidated statements, tax planning, and trade finance.

    3、Have comprehensive and systematic financial knowledge, proficient in finance, tax laws and regulations; familiar with trade, local bank related policies; have experience in foreign exchange; experience in IPO activities.

    4、Have strong communication and coordination abilities, planning and execution skills, logical and responsible.

    Contact information:0574-89086215          Email address: hr@sinoif.com

  • Finance Director - Financial Group (base in Shanghai)

    Job Responsibilities:

    1、Build and manage company accounting system, review and implement tax risk management policies, tax handbook and other rules and regulations.

    2、Responsible for the group's financial accounting business guidance, and formulate the external report and reporting system; cooperate with internal and external audit to disclose the corporate information.

    3、Responsible for cash reimbursement, review payment and perform other administrative accounting duties.

    4、Participate in corporate strategic planning, analysis, identify, and evaluate tax impact of significant business decision.

    5、Responsible for financing of existing assets and participate in major business operations.

    6、Responsible for the Group's financial team management.


    Job Requirements:

    1、Bachelor’s degree or above in Finance or Accounting.

    2、At least 10 years finance working experience, minimum 3 years working experience as finance director in financial group.

    3、Have rich experience in project financing, leasing, trust, brokerage, bank industry preferred.

    4、Be aggressive, good coordinating and organizing abilities, teamwork spirit, and rich network.

    Contact information:0574-89086215         Email address: hr@sinoif.com

  • General Manger - Trade Finance (base in Shanghai/Beijing)

    Job Responsibilities:

    1、Build and manage annual performance target according to the group company strategic development plan.

    2、Expand trade financing business, international settlement business, bill business, intermediary business, foreign currency business, and offshore business.

    3、In charge of trade financing business mode innovation, product design, promote the value of finance service.

    4、Manage the trade finance team; improve team’s professional skills and comprehensive ability.


    Job Requirements:

    1、Bachelor degree or above in Economy, or Financerelated disciplines.

    2、At least 10 years working experience in trade finance or equivalent role, 5 years working experience in RMB or international settlement business management.

    3、Familiar with regulations about international finance and international trade, knowledge on foreign exchange funds trading business, and knowledge on international settlement and trade financing products.

    4、Be proactive and creative, have strong management ability, teamwork spirit, good coordination skills and organizing abilities.

    5、Good professional moral and ethics, no records of any law breaking or any adverse record.

    Contact information:0574-89086215          Email address: hr@sinoif.com

  • General Manager - Financial Market (base in Beijing)

    Job Responsibilities:

    1、Assist CFO to build and implement departmental objectives, annual plan and stage job plans, improve management policy and operation procedure;        

    2、Lead the team to achieve the performance indicators according to the business target;      

    3、Expand and develop fund channels; build good relationship with financial intuitions such as banks, trust companies, and asset management organizations;

    4、Monitor the financing project execution, provide professional advices and suggestions, and follow up financing projects with analysis, evaluation and management.



    Job Requirements:

    1、Bachelor degree or above in finance, at least 10 years relative financing experience in banking, trust company, asset management organization etc.;

    2、Have experience in large financing projects in government platform, municipal infrastructure, water resources and hydropower, aircraft leasing, real estate, etc. Senior management experience in large trust company, or investment bank and interbank department is preferred;   

    3、Familiar with banks’ business process and systems such as credit extension work, investment banking, have enrich knowledge about business mode, regulatory policy, and product innovation in investment and interbank industry; 

    4、Have strong ability and knowledge in financing, accesses to extensive financing channels and rich network.

    Contact information:0574-89086215           Email address: hr@sinoif.com