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China International Finance —————

China International Finance (SINOIF) is a group enterprise engaged in comprehensive financial services for transactions. By giving priority to financial services, connecting the industries and investment, and relying on the capital market, SINOIF strives for innovating the excellence together with our clients.

SINOIF had possessed licenses of commercial factoring, financial leasing, private funds, and asset management. Its wholly owned subsidiaries include China International Factoring Co., Ltd., China International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., China International Asset Management Co., Ltd., and China International Financial (Beijing) Service Outsourcing Co., Ltd. Other subsidiaries of SINOIF include Shanghai Pufeng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Zhongtai Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.

Having established business offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Singapore, SINOIF plans to expand our business network to more international financial centers (New York and London), in the hope of building a cross-border comprehensive financial service platform with the transaction banking service system as the basis and the investment banking system as the intermediary.

Service & Products

China International Finance   ——————

Based on the study and grasp of the market environment and the industrial development trends, SINOIF helps its clients to identify their exact market needs and to predict and analyze their risks. By this, it manages to provide the most efficient and innovative financial solutions in financial leasing, two-factor international factoring, domestic factoring, trade finance, OTC, asset management, credit guarantee insurances, and financial information consulting.